How to get to Capas? To Mount Pinatubo?


Regular all flights from Domestic Airport(CebuPacific and PAL)

From International:
1. Take any International flight destined for Ninoy International Airport or Clark Airport at Angeles City.

From Ninoy International Airport:
1. If you have connecting flight…
2. Go to Domestic Airport…Inquire at the Airport Reception.
3. Upon arrival at Clark Airport (see By Land)

From Clark International Airport:
1. Take taxi or Jeepney-PUJ bound for Concepcion or North Provincial Bus at Dau terminal to Capas, Tarlac.


From Ninoy International Airport(Manila):
1. Take Taxi or local Bus to Provincial Bus Terminal(Five Star, Victory, Solid North )-not via SCTEX, it will bypass Capas.
2. Bus travels from Manila(Luzon)-via Terminal.
3. From Manila, to Capas Tarlac- or via Dau terminal.
4. From Dau terminal-take Public Utility to Capas Tarlac proper. In Capas you will be fetched or picked up by us.

Clark Airport:
1. Take local jeep, to Provincial Bus terminal at Dau proper.

2. Upon arrival at Dau, take Commercial Bus to Tarlac City.  ( Five Star,Victory,Solid North )-not via SCTEX.
3. You can take other major Public Utility coming from various points from like San Fernando or Bulacan.
4. In Capas, you will be picked up or fetched by us.


From other Provinces to Manila Pier:

1. Take taxi via local Pier to Cebu City Pier take Boat(Cocaliong, Superferry or Sulpicio Lines) to Manila Pier

2. From Manila Pier terminal-take Taxi to North bound Provincial Bus Terminal(See by Land)


Regular Schedule everyday Cokaliong except Sunday, via Cebu City to Manila Pier.
Regular Schedule twice a week Sulpicio Lines, Manila via Cebu City to Manila Pier.
Regular Schedule Super Ferry, via Manila via Cebu City to Manila Pier.


Once in Capas via Land Transportation, go down infront of McDonald’s and you may want to take some breakfast (recommended). All guests will be fetched or picked up at McDonald’s Capas. For those who have been fetched at McDonald’s Capas and those who arrived via private car, we will all meet at a certain announced venue between 6:15 to 6:30 AM. Then we all proceed to the registration site and get registered on or before 7:00 AM.